Blog Talk Radio is without question the largest and most influential Internet Radio service around. I have used it for 8 years, oh yes I have my fair share of complaints, each ‘improvement’ seems to move the broadcaster backwards, but, the service does indeed let the average person have a ‘Go’ at being a ‘DJ’ or whatever, Chef, Politician, Scientific Wing Nut, or whatever.

I rather like the ‘Wing Nuts’ they are fun to listen to when there is ‘nothing’ on the 1000 channels of TV. I don’t consider myself as a ‘Wing nut’, but others might.

I don’t feel that BTR offers a great deal to the average broadcaster, that takes at least $50k per year. Most of us regular folks can’t afford the Tavis Tithe.

Oops, I got off subject, alas that happens from time to time. I found humor in BTR today. According to Charter TV and their free version of F-Secure, Blogtalk Radio is a virus!


My wife uses a different Anti Virus product, AVG.


So who is right? I guess the good news is that Charter TV is a smaller player in the cable industry so Blog Talk Radio may survive this onslaught.

Have F-Secure lost their mind? BTR could indeed be called Bullshit Talk Radio, but who cares? If you don’t fancy bull shit, just don’t listen to it. This is a perfect example of the weakness’s in anti virus products, a classic false positive. I guess I should complain, but to who? Charter TV will laugh, Blog Talk Radio will tell me it is not their problem, and quite honestly as the problem only occurs with Charter TV and its less than popular ‘Security suite I am not sure that I much care either.

Simon Barrett

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