Allah Akbar, bloody bugger!
Blair: Let’s change our strategy–and blame Israel too…

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — British Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged Sunday the West had changed strategy in the fight against terrorism, telling Pakistan’s president that brokering a broad Mideast peace deal was now as crucial as using force to battle militants.

Pakistani leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who switched his country’s support from the Taliban in Afghanistan to the U.S. following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, said “the knot of terrorism will be untied through first resolving the Palestinian dispute.”

Musharraf also acknowledged that his government’s efforts to cut off support for the Taliban in northwestern Pakistan had not achieved “100 percent success.” Pakistan has come under increasing pressure to crack down on Taliban and al-Qaida militants operating along its border with Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden believed to be hiding.

“The Taliban problem is an Afghan problem … being supported by elements from this side,” Musharraf said. “We need to put our house in order on our side.”

“We begin to win when we start fighting properly and I think we are now fighting properly _ but we have got to do more,” Blair said after the talks with Musharraf in the eastern city of Lahore. “Where there are people standing up for a different way forward, we have to back them.”

Blair said bringing peace to Israel and the Palestinian territories would help. “This global extremism is an ideology that exploits grievances. So what we have to do is at the same time as we are taking on the ideology, we have to take away those elements of grievance,” he said.

“This took a generation to grow and it will take a generation to defeat,” he said after signing an agreement announced Saturday to double to $910 million package of aid to fund moderate Islamic schools and other projects in Pakistan.”

Help me out here…I fail to see how the “Taliban” problem and the “Palistinian” problem are linked. How is blaming Israel and throwing money at the Pakistani Muslims going to change the twisted ideology which already exists worldwide? If anything at all, they have just pulled another taqiyya over the infidel’s eyes again.

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