Some establishment republican’s and blue dog democrats, fresh from a successful plot on behalf of their foreign masters to derail congressional efforts at saving the U.S. auto industry, Pivoted quickly to focus attention on crafting a grand illusion they hope to sell in time for the holidays, Seems President Obama is secretly behind the scandal engulfing Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Neocons may be out of power, but God bless, they retain the spirit and ability to create a little Christmas chaos, as evidenced by the turmoil they are stoking in the land of Lincoln. Despite statements from special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald who is in charge of the investigation, Comments that clear Mr. Obama in connection with the disgraced governors attempt to sell the President elects vacant senate seat to the highest bidder, The GOP’s rumor mill, headquartered at FOX news, is quickly connecting imaginary dots from the Governor to the President elect, doubtless they will claim by Christmas eve, it was Barack Obama himself who reached out to the Governor Rod to set the opening bid price.
This tawdry, sore loser behavior lead by establishment favored republican national chairman Robert Duncan, makes it apparent neoconservatives, contrary to longstanding custom, have decided to forgo traditional civilities observed between election and inauguration, before beginning a round of unfounded partisan attacks on the new administration. And if that is not enough on the President elect’s plate, while team Obama claims it maintains a good working transitional relationship with the white house. Some far left liberal pundits are saying the soon to be –ex-president and his people, are no longer quite so gracious or civil, Evidenced they claim by the apparent snub of President Obama’s request, to move into Clarence house early, to facilitate the enrolment of his children for school.
It puzzles me, as of Monday all the pundits and talking heads on cable were giving George Bush straight A’s and yeoman praise for reaching out to make the transfer of power as smooth and expeditious as possible. But come Friday some of the same folks are saying, he went out of his way to snub the Obama’s.
I have voiced my utter disdain of George Bush’s politics for years, but in that time even his most vocal critics on Capitol Hill, have always maintained outside the office, he is gracious to friend and political foe alike and by all accounts is a genuinely loving husband and devoted father. The establishment wing of the Republican Party, being walloped by Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin in her bid to take over, is focusing on any issue to gain traction and their smear attempt on the President Elect and his staff is reflective of this desperation.


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