Doctors are excited at the prospect of being able to perform bariatric surgeries (stomach staples) without making an incision in the body of the patient but that advance may be up to a decade away from reality. The new method of surgery is called Natural orifice transendoscopic surgery (NOTE). The surgery makes it so that doctors can insert a long metal tube complete with robotic arms and a staple gun through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach to perform the procedure. Doctors are hailing as a new revolution and believe that it will become a new low risk, low cost option for patients that want the operation. Over 1 million bariatric surgeries have been performed all over the world and it is considered, by experts, the most effective way of losing weight and keeping weight off. This new method of surgery would only be available to patients who are less obese than those who are currently lined up for surgery.

Obesity surgery without scalpel may be decade away (Reuters)

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