Phoenix psburton—Most decent, law abiding Americans are expressing shock and outrage over the release of some rouge Blackwater agents who opened fire on innocent civilians in Iraq in 2007. But Federal Judge Ricardo Urbina did the right thing when he dismissed all charges stemming from the slaughter in Baghdad’s Nisoor square in 2007.

Because of policies implemented by the Bush/Cheney administration, the investigation of a war crime was tainted and the judge properly ruled the rights of the defendants had been compromised. It must be noted the vast majority of private contractors are former United States military personal who continue to abide by the precepts of honor and duty, even if they draw a private pay check these days. It is also a fact much of what we know of contractor abuses comes from honest agents who attempt to report the shocking atmosphere Blackwater founder Erik Prince encourages in pursuit of his God, the almighty dollar.

The investigation established those charged lied outright in claiming their convoy was attacked by armed insurgents. U.S. military reports from the scene indicate Blackwater agents opened fire without provocation and used excessive force against Iraqi civilians. Apparently a single bullet fired by a Blackwater agent killed an Iraqi man whose weight officials now speculate remained on the accelerator and propelled the car forward. The car continued to roll toward the convoy, which responded with an intense barrage of gun fire in several directions, striking Iraqis who were desperately trying to flee. Minutes after the initial slaughter, the convoy opened fire on another line of traffic a few hundred yards away.

To the credit of the uniforms they once wore, it was Blackwater agents who told investigators one guard continued firing on civilians, even as colleagues urgently called for a cease-fire. And another agent drew a weapon on a fellow guard who did not stop shooting. Under the direct orders of Bush/Cheney, the State Department was directed to ignore repeated warnings from U.S. diplomats on the ground that guards were endangering Iraqi civilians and undermining U.S. efforts to win support from the population. Media investigations have revealed internal State Department e-mails proving Condi Rice was extensively briefed about repeated incidents of Blackwater security guards killing innocent civilians, and the Bush administration went so far as to direct the State Department to intercede in a congressional investigation of Blackwater, ordering the company not to disclose information.

The men may yet face judges in an international war crimes tribunal and perhaps more truth will be revealed if the issue is heard in a civil court, but for now like the S.S henchman who managed to escape justice after world war two, Mass murders walk freely amongst us courtesy of George Bush and Dick Cheney and thirty pieces of silver Erik Prince offered.     

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