Every year merchants have super sales on products that cause the customers to go wild. They fight over items marked down to unbelievable prices so much so that sometimes it is dangerous. Apparently the arguments don’t always happen inside the stores though.

Thursday night in Tazwell, Virginia, the sheriff’s department was called out to a parking lot at a crowded Wal-Mart where a fight had caused frenzy with the crowds. Shoppers were running all over trying to get away from the scene.

When the authorities finally arrived at the scene they were told that 35 year old Christopher Jackson was in his car waiting for another customer to pull out of a parking spot so he could park there when 61 year old Ronnie Sharp started blowing his horn behind him.

According to the report Jackson got out of his car and walked over to Sharp’s car and confronted him. He punched Sharp causing Sharp to pull out a knife and cutting Jackson severely on his arm and then he pulled out a rifle which he later told the police that wasn’t loaded at the time.

Both men were arrested and held on a $5,000. 00 bond each. Sharp was charged with malicious wounding and brandishing a firearm while Jackson was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

This is just an example of what can happen during the holidays or any time for that matter. This time of year just seems more noticeable. People are always out looking for a good buy on products and they will do whatever they have to do to get the better prices, even if it means having to literally fight for it. So my advice to everyone is to think about it before starting an altercation with someone over a marked down price in a store during the special sales. Ask yourself is it worth it. Please be careful, not everyone carries unloaded guns, unfortunately.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Jan Barrett

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