My wife is convinced that I have the strangest friends on the planet. She may well be correct. They are all unique in their own way. Some write, some sing, some are happiest in front of the camera, and some behind the camera. Some are famous, some are infamous, and some are people that no-one has ever heard of, but they all are fun.

I was talking to one of my more ‘famous’ rather than ‘infamous’ friends about Black Friday. I said that I was not worried about my wife Jan, medical issues were precluding her from creating financial havoc. He had a unique solution:

I put all the credit cards in a zip lock baggie, then in a bowl of water, and the final resting place was the freezer. There is no way they can be thawed out in time for any shopping damage!

Of course Black Friday gives way to what the media call Cyber Monday. The Internet sales hit the computer links.

I have to admit that even I was impressed by an email from the online juggernaut Amazon.

I am old, and I have a great love of the by now hugely dated comedy that came out of Hollywood many decades ago! Slapstick was the rule of thumb. Oops, come to think about it, not much has changed, well, yes it has. Today’s sitcoms are about as funny as a root canal, but the classics of yesteryear continue to be wonderful.

Who can turn down the opportunity to watch the Marx Brothers in overdrive? A Night at  The Opera, A Day at The Races, A Night in Casablanca, Room Service, At the Circus, Go West, The Big Store, all are classics, all are fabulous journeys into the world of slapstick. All this for $17? What a great deal.

I poked around a little more and discovered that this was not the only Marx Brothers special, The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (The Cocoanuts / Animal Crackers / Monkey Business / Horse Feathers / Duck Soup) (1930) is also available. This set is going for $22.

My wife would kill me if I made her sit through these two boxed sets, but I sure want them! Who doesn’t love the Marx Brothers?

The final ultimate deal has to be Dr Strangelove. This is Peter Sellers in his prime. This 1964 movie is a wonderful satire on the subject of the Cold War and the proliferation of Atomic Weapons. At $6.99 who can resist?

So the answer is that there are some great deals out there in the online world.

Simon Barrett

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