Karnataka is reeling under the pressures of the Cauvery dispute. As a person who was born in the Cauvery belt and lived in Tamil Nadu for a long time, I am reasonably aware of the history of the dispute as well as the logic behind the demands of both the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

I feel that the issue has now reached a stage where the decision of the Supreme Court shifting of the responsibility for finding a solution to the CRA was inappropriate under the circumstances. CRA is  headed by a PM from a party which survives on a daily dose of support from every MP. For the PM the support of TN based MPs is important above all other interests. The Supreme Court appears to have failed to appreciate  this conflict of interest of the head of the CRA in finding a solution to the problem.

Both the Supreme Court decision and  the CRA decision cannot be disassociated from the historical fact that the Britishers forced an unfair decision on the State of Mysore in 1924 as regards the distribution of water from the KRS dam and that is affecting the decisions of CRA and the Supreme Court even today. It is sad to see that the political leaders of Karnataka have failed to apprise the Supreme Court of India that interpretation of the current law cannot ignore the historical facts of injustice and CRA is incabale of taking a decision in view of the inherent conflict of interest.

Our politicians are not tired of talking about years of oppression when it comes to the privileges that they seek for certain sections of the society  in the country. They should not fail to notice that the historical injustice done to Kannadigas by the British cannot be continued even today only because it helps the PM or the Karnataka CM to survive in their respective offices.

I wish that the top brass of BJP realize that there needs to be an immediate action to redress the grievance of the people of Karnataka. This is the last chance for BJP to restore the confidence of the people in the local Governance.

The Supreme Court should immediately scrap the CRA and revisit the Cauvery dispute from the principles of natural justice.


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