Dear Shri Lal Krishna Advani

With great distress this blogger has been observing the Executive Delinquency of the Manmohan Singh lead UPA Government which has since degenerated into dysfunctional governance.

From mismanaging the economy to the internal security situation there is not a single area of hope that gives cause for comfort. The one issue where the Prime Minister showed some initiative, the Indo-US Nuclear Deal too has become a joke with the lack of political leadership as lamented by you. How can one take this government seriously if the single most important foreign policy initiative saw the Congress President Sonia Gandhi spend hardly any political capital.

It is now clear that while the Congress hedges on when to call elections the Government is on life support and practically in a state of dysfunction.

This state of dysfunction is taking a heavy toll not just on the economy as rightly highlighted by you but also on other key strategic sectors. The lack of a strategy to tackle terrorism and Maoist activities is well known to you. Fellow bloggers Nitin and Pragmatic have also been highlighting the distress in the armed forces and the plummeting morale amongst the officers.

While the BJP and other NDA constituents have been critical of the government it is unclear what policy alternatives one can look forward to. Now that the BJP and the NDA took the leap of faith to announce your candidature as the Shadow Prime Minister it is perhaps fitting that you should announce a Shadow Cabinet.

It is clear that from the economy to internal security to defence and foreign policy there are no quick fixes. It will take  leadership with a sense of purpose and mission to devise strategies and evangelize change, especially in institutions like the Armed Forces which are steeped in colonial traditions.

A Shadow Cabinet will be the most appropriate response from the NDA for it will not just demonstrate what leadership the NDA can bring to bear in transforming key sectors but it will also be an opportunity to spell out what alternative policy direction it would chart beyond mere media soundbites and slogans.

A Shadow Cabinet will also highlight to the public not just how governance has been held hostage by the Communists but also the abject lack of leadership in driving policy and change.

I hope you and your colleagues give thought to this suggestion. The state of the economy and the plummetting morale in the Armed Forces should be strong reasons for a call to action to create a Shadow Cabinet.

Yours Truly


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