I was reading the Sunbelt blog, written by Alex Eckelberry and came across a post he did on a bizzare and pretty sick website.

In Alex’s own words:

save-me-please(dot)com is a site dedicated to saving a bunny.

We have no idea what this is odd thing is: A joke, a hoax. Or a scam.

The whole intent of the site is to get a person to pay to save the bunny.

You can view the Sunbelt blog’s entire presentation, here.

Paying to save the bunny isn’t recommended and as Alex aptly states, one of the videos depicting a rabbit being skinned is “enough to make you a vegetarian.”

This blog, according to a study Jonathan Edwards at Yankee Group has “mojo.”

I can see why it does, besides providing a lot of great information, it tends to keep the interest of the people, who read it!

The Sunbelt blog is also an excellent place to keep up on, or learn about computer (information) security issues.

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