• Here’s a story lead from Politico: Washingtonians get ‘wee-weed up’?No one can figure out what President Obama was talking about when, during remarks at a national health care forum, he said:

    “There’s something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up. I don’t know what it is. But that’s what happens.”

    Ask me and I’d say they are spelling it wrong, that’s why they can’t Google it! Perhaps if they tried: “wii wii” ins tead of “wee wee “. Obama was obviously making a reference he heard from his daughters, who undoubtedly own a Nintendo Wii game system, refering to the almost hyperactive behavior that results from playing games on a wii game system.~

  • What was it President Obama said about his stimulus plan working? Ooops! Bloomberg doesn’t think so! Here’s the lead paragraph from a story appearing today at

    Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) — Unemployment rates rose in 26 U.S. states in July, a sign the labor market will take time to improve and budget crises in capitals across the nation may deepen.

    Well if you believe some of Obama’s harshest Conservative critics, maybe that was the expected result of his plan.~

  • Hurricane Bill is A-comin’. Right now experts predict that the powerful Hurricane named Bill will just miss Cape Cod and, on Sunday, will “slam” into the east coast of Canada.From a Rueters story in the New York Times:

    “Bill, with winds near 115 mph, will likely remain a Category 3 hurricane during the next 24 hours before weakening as it churns north over cooler waters before striking Nova Scotia.


  • Both candidates in the Afghan elections, Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah are clai ming victory in the country’s presidential election! People are people and politicians are politicians and neither miles, religion or race will change that basic fact. Hold an election is any large country or small hamlet and its likely that there will be arguments over the results until the last vote is counted — and then recounted. To make this story even more fascinating; the Afghans used ballots like those used in the hotly contested Florida recount in 2000. Watch those hanging chads~
  • Michael Jackson is still being refrigerated somewhere while his family waffles over exactly when he should be buried. They know where: Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California and they HAD a date; it was to be August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday but according to MTV.Com that date is changing because “the family needs more time to prepare.” One might wonder what exactly they are preparing for.If I were a patriarch of the family Jackson I would probably be in favor of holding a secret burial to avoid the mob scenes that will take place en route to the cemetery, at the cemetery and on the way back home. But I guess avoiding mob scenes is not a Jackson Family value.
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