By Amber Whitman

 A recent story in the news really hit home for me.  For many years our family has been unable to go to the dentist.  The fact was that we simply could not afford the high costs of dental work.  My fiancée is a laborer and decided after much thought to leave his long time boss to take a job with benefits.  Finally after many years my son and I could go to the dentist and get a much needed check-up and cleaning.  I am in the percentage of people who hates going to the dentist.  In fact my son was not too happy about it either.  I work myself up into quite frenzy before going and wish I could get out of it.  The recent visit for my son and I turned up many cavities for him and gum damage and cavities for me.  It was a source of a lot of pain for both of us.

I would put my son and I through it all again after hearing this news piece about tongue cancer.  Researchers have found a possible link between gum disease and the risk of developing tongue cancer.  Apparently the more the bone in the jaw wears away the worse the risk.  The risk comes from the build-up of plaque on the teeth.  I had a lot of plaque on my gums.  The problem with my son and I is that our teeth have a yellow tinge.  I had tried to counter this by brushing harder which in turn wore away my enamel causing crevices.  I have always been concerned with my teeth and gums and now I realize that my fears are concrete.  The fact that gum disease can be linked to so many other conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes is really frightening.  So to quote a phrase, “Bite the Bullet”!  Go and get a check-up.  It could be the best thing for your overall health.




Canadian Press

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