The well known Televangelist Eddie Long finds himself in a bit of a bind. It is rumored that some call him Eddie Shlong. How could this be?

USA Today published a rather scathing treatise on the man of the cloth.  

Long, who was accused last year of sexually abusing several men in Atlanta, built his 150-member congregation into a following of 25,000 people and a televangelist empire.


Of course you have to answer the question. Who can be a Bishop? Or what constitutes this noble status? Apparently anyone can dub the tittle of Bishop on themselves. What a crock of crap!

I have to wonder if Eddie ShLong knows anything about Basketball or Baseball?

One has to ponder the bigger question. Was the good bishop preaching one thing, yet practicing another? Fire, Brimstone and Anal Passages?

What I find curious is the lack of venomous denial. If someone accuses me of being a Republican or a Democrat I come out swinging. But apparently the way to deal with being ‘A Diddler’ is to take some time off.

I suspect that this is a case of Pawn takes Bishop. Ugly, but it does happen in the game of Chess.

This is one Bishop that has run his course on the chess board.

But he should not view this in a totally bad light. With Herman Cain (he likes white women) out of the GOP race, I am sure that Eddie ShLong qoukd be a shoe in.

Simon Barrett

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