Warning:  This will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the NBC premiere of Bionic Woman I suggest you bookmark this page, fire up the TVio and watch thouroughly before returning. 

 I woke up this morning with the intention of writing a great review for NBC’s the Bionic Woman and posting it with the many other reviews that came out with the morning press.  But when I decided to do a little research first I was taken aback.  I searched for an hour and did not find one single positive review for the darkly reimagined series that I watched last night. 

Reviewers accused the creators of everything from lax plot and lazy writers, to being to hard on the character of Jamie.  One reviewer even said “it would have been better if the character had just died,” claiming that now Jamie must live in constant torture at the expense of our entertainment.  (Richard Leis, Jr. Seeple News, http://news.speeple.com/sentientdevelopments.blogspot.com/2007/09/21/leis-reviews-nbc-s-bionic-woman-a-disaster-and-an-insult.htm)

I have a response to this.  What else is new? 

Personally, I loved the show.  Yes, the plot was a little slow and it was clear the creators wanted to show off their incredible aptitude for stunning special effects, but I bought into it. 

Following the lead of several other popular shows from the past few years the plot is suspenseful, even taunting.  Don’t expect to get all the answers in every episode.  Don’t even expect to be able to look at each episode individually for quality.  (If you’re a Heroes fan you know what I’m talking about) 

This is an ongoing journey for Jamie Sommers, and she will not take this road lightly.  But then again, if she didn’t, there wouldn’t be much of a show, now would there. 

As for Mr. Leis, and those many other reviewers who now doubt the power of NBC Universal, yes, we are torturing this poor woman.  We have shoved her into a life she is not prepared for, and does not want.  However, isn’t that how the best heroes are made?  The greatest champions in literature and fiction are not the ones who spend years preparing and planning for the quest, they are the ones who have the quest thurst upon them at a moment when they least expect it.  They are the ones who see beyond good and evil and “the big picture” and take up the sword for what they believe in.  Look at Frodo Baggins, or Luke Skywalker, or even Hercules.  We’ve been torturing our heroes for our own entertainment since the begining of time.  It’s what people strive for.  The ablility of an ordinary man to overcome extordinary odds. 

Okay, so maybe Bionic Woman hasn’t yet lived up to those epic standards.  But, it’s on the right track.  Let’s give it a few more episodes before we send in the reality shows. 

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