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Generating energy one chicken at a time

A company called Fibrowatt has established its new headquarters in Newtown, Pa.  The president of the company chose that location for two specific reasons.  It’s close to the Philadelphia area, which he calls home, and not too far from some rural Pennsylvania chicken farms.  Fibrowatt wants to make chicken poop what buffalo chips were to the early pioneers, a renewable energy source.

It begs the question, of course, why chickens?  If you want fuel for the fire, so to speak, to generate electricity, which Fibrowatt plans to do, why not larger animals, like cows for instance?  Surely a cow would produce more bulk material than a chicken.  Turns out size doesn’t always matter, size isn’t the issue here.  It’s the combustability that counts, and apparently chicken deposits tend to dry quickly, which means they burn nice and even.

Wall Street investors, like Merrill Lynch, are taking note of the companys plans, and not surprisingly, Tyson Foods, a major chicken producer, is paying attention too.  So, go ahead, go on and say it, you know you’re dying to…

Sounds like a real chicken sh_t idea, doesn’t it.

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Cartoon from Sid in the City

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