Thibodaux, Louisiana is down in Cajun Country. In these areas most people know everyone around but this goes to show you that you never know what one individual is capable of doing.

jeremiah-wright.jpgAccording to the neighbors Jeremiah Wright, 30, and his live-in girlfriend, Jesslyn Lirette along with their 7 year old son, Jori Lirette moved into the neighborhood just a few months ago and no one could have dreamed of what was going to happen.

“It’s crazy, you don’t expect something like this to happen so close to your home,” said Courtney Howard, who is a neighbor.

According to the police report someone walking passed the home Wright and his family lived in spotted the child’s severed head on the sidewalk outside the home and a garbage bag that held the boy’s dismembered body in was nearby. They called the police who responded immediately.

Police say that Wright confessed to killing his son but no details are known yet as to what motivated him into killing the boy. He was arrested and charged with first degree murder of little Jori Lirette. Reports are that Wright decapitated the boy and then he dismembered his body right there in his home in the kitchen sink with a meat cleaver.

The police had been called to the home once before this when someone called and reported a disturbance in the home a month before the murder. Wright and his girlfriend apparently were having an argument but Police say that there was no physical fight between the two so there were no arrests made.

Capt. Calvin Cooks said they are thinking there may have been some tension between them before this murder occurred, arguing, and perhaps physical fighting. They just don’t know at this time.

Jesslyn Lirette wasn’t home when the police arrived at the home. They say when she arrived and found out what was going on she was so grief-stricken that she had to be hospitalized. When questioned she said the devil came to Thibodaux and he did so in the form of the man she was with for 10 years. She said the devil took her “angel” away. She also told the police that Jori loved his father more than anything. “He still killed him,” she said. “He killed my baby.”

Apparently the couple was having problems so much so that Lirette claims she had been planning on ending their relationship for some time now. “I didn’t get out fast enough,” she stated.

This case sounds so familiar to the Zahra Baker case. Zahra is the little Australian girl that was murdered by her stepmother and her body was dismembered also in North Carolina. Zahra had been a cancer victim that wore a hearing aid and she walked with a prosthetic leg.

jori-lirette.JPGWhen Jori was born he only weighed 14 ounces and he was born three months early in the Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans where he stayed for the first year of his life. The doctors had advised Lirette to pull the plug on the baby but she would always say no because that was her baby. She didn’t give up on him.

Most of Jori’s life he was confined to a wheelchair and had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His motor function was limited and he had a really hard time forming words. Jesslyn said even though life for her son was a challenge she never felt like he was handicapped. “I never struggled with my son,” she said. “He was happy. Everything I could do, I did.”

Jesslyn said she had actually considered marrying Wright at one point, but now she can’t fathom starting another family. She said her son Jori was her insight and her spirit. “My child is gone and I cannot replace him,” said Jesslyn. “He didn’t deserve to die.”

Wright is being held in the Lafourche Parish Jail in lieu of a $5 million bond. If he is found guilty, he will be eligible for the death penalty in the state of Louisiana.

I don’t understand how anyone can harm an innocent child, especially one that is handicapped. I am sure they can frustrate the average person but not enough to kill them. They are innocent children that don’t stand a chance to fight for their life. My prayers are with the surviving family. I know little Jori is in heaven now being well taken care of. He won’t need that wheelchair anymore and I bet he can speak plainer than the average American can now. God bless you Jori Lirette!

Jan Barrett

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