There is little doubt that Mitt Romney would like to take back his unfortunate comment from Tuesdays debate “I had binders full of women”. The comment sounded more like something Hugh Hefner or Larry Flint would say than the thoughtful statement by the man that is seeking free room and board at the worlds most exclusive hotel.

Within minutes of the unfortunate ‘Mittspeak’ the internet was alive with ‘binder talk’.

This brings us to Google. There are some that might accuse Google of playing favorites. There is a term used ‘Google Bomb’. I think the best and simplest way to describe it is when a search term gets hijacked. Google has said time and time again that they do not manipulate the results of a search, rather the rate the relevancy of the web site with the query entered.

The GOP might view this slightly differently. Early contender Rick Santorum is a great example. If you are not aware of the hugely amusing episode you can find a short version here.

Mitt Romney also faced a similar problem with his ‘Completely Wrong’ comment. Before you could say internet, the hills were alive with the sound of trouble.

The latest ‘Mittspeak’ is also rocketing into orbit, a Google Image search for ‘Binders full of women’ tells the story.

Is Google playing favorites? Actually I don’t think so, I rather prefer to view Google as a ‘bell weather’ of what people are thinking. It is a unique platform because it joins two disparate interest groups, the content creator, and the content consumer. This particular comment ‘Binders full of women’ shows an interesting trend. The content creators have used it to mostly lampoon Mitt Romney, and the content consumers are eating it up faster than a free Big Mac.

Simon Barrett

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