Monday, Bill Richardson will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president.

His announcement will take place at the Los Angeles Press Club and will include Hispanic leaders in an effort to showcase Richardson’s Hispanic heritage.

The New Mexico governor has already been campaigning and hasn’t made a secret of his desire to run for president but Monday’s announcement will make his campaign official. The event also highlights California’s February 5th primary which was moved up– along with those of several other states– in an attempt to give the state more influence in the nomination process.

Richardson, like the other declared Democratic candidates for president, is a vehement supporter of abortion. According to National Right to Life, during Richardson’s time in Congress, he managed to compile only an 8% pro-life voting record out of 79 scored votes.

Richardson was a member of the House of Representatives from 1983-1997 and served under President Bill Clinton as Energy secretary and United Nations ambassador.

While Richardson has not made the strong showing that other candidates for the Democratic nomination have, it is possible that he could be tapped for vice-president by the eventual nominee. Richardson’s Hispanic ties, state connection and regional influence could make him an asset to the Democratic ticket.

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