According to a recent report a new bill could open the way for sufferers of pleural plaques to get compensation in Scotland . The Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is set to reveal details of the new bill in the near future. However, it could spark problems with insurance firms, as it could overturn a former ruling that stopped people claiming for this condition.

Pleural plaques is a conditions that results from exposure to asbestos, and the right of sufferers to claim for this condition has been at the heart of controversy for some time, with campaigners fighting for consumers’ rights and insurance firms claiming that the condition is not serious enough to warrant compensation claims.

With regards to the previous House of Lords ruling that stopped people making claims, one government official said: “The Justice Secretary has already made clear the Scottish Government’s determination to reverse the House of Lords judgement and ensure that people with pleural plaques can continue to raise an action for damages.”

He went on to say: “It is right that those who suffer the effects of asbestos as a result of our industrial past are able to claim for damages and we will introduce a bill before recess as we promised to right this wrong.”

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