Recently Jennifer Butler Murray, actor Bill Murray’s wife, filed for divorce, accusing him of “drug abuse, sex addiction and physical violence towards her during their 11-year marriage.” I have no idea as to the veracity of these claims, but it certainly appears that Jennifer has some problems of her own. According to this recent New York Post story:

Jennifer Butler-Murray has gotten a reputation in her suburban Charleston, SC, neighborhood as an avid drinker who gets “physical” with her children and gets into bizarre police incidents.

On March 17 of this year, Butler-Murray allegedly got drunk and two of her kids ran over to a neighbor’s house for help, according to a report filed with the Sullivan’s Island Police Department.

The trouble started after a witness saw her shouting loudly at one of her kids, the report said. Cops went to her home to investigate.

“I spoke with [her] and advised her of the complaint,” the responding officer wrote. “The w/f [white female] seemed to be very impaired and didn’t want me on her property anymore, she slammed the door and I left the residence.”

Later, a neighbor called cops saying Butler-Murray’s kids had come to his home seeking help.

“I then had the complainant meet me at the police station to talk with the juveniles . . . They informed me that their mother had been drinking heavily and had [become] physical with them,” the report said.

It’s certainly not uncommon for a vindictive wife to publicly vilify her soon-to-be-ex-husband, only for it to turn out that she’s the one with the problems, not him. We’ll see.

Also, note the double standard in treatment by the police. She’s drunk and abusive and slams the door in the cop’s face, and the cop says he left because–get this–she “didn’t want me on her property anymore.” No kidding. One thing’s for sure–men who are reading this, don’t try that stunt on a cop yourselves.

Thanks to Wayne Swanson, a reader, for the story.

 Glenn Sacks,

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