That headline reads right, sad to say. A new bill that has already passed both houses of Congress and is headed for Bush’s desk forgives the student loans of Federal employees of 10 years service. H.R.2669 gives already undeserving public employees yet another wonderful benefit that is denied to the average, working American.

Thanks to the brilliant idea of a Democrat from California who thought it would be a good idea to excuse the school loans of Federal employees, we can now plan on our bloated, useless government getting even larger with this bill that is sure to act as a bug zapper in the night to freeloaders everywhere. So much for the concept of a small Federal government like our Founding Fathers wanted and so much for the rugged, self-reliance of traditional American values.

Sound absurd? Well, it is, but Representative George Miller feels differently. It’s his idea that we need to give even more benefits to public employees that already enjoy the best benefits of any job market in the country. After all, since they are represented by an overly empowered and seemingly unconstitutional union they cannot be fired, so how much better can life get for them? No matter how incompetent or lazy a government worker is, they have jobs for life, great pensions, great insurance — now they even get a free education?

Where is the line to stand in to receive this kind of largess? How does an average fella find this sort of life free of the expectations of performance and hard work? I guess we just show up at the office of our local Representative and beg for a permanent, work-free, government job?

And, no, there is no assumption that these government jobs with free education might be handed out as political patronage jobs, is there? After all, our politicians wouldn’t abuse their positions by pandering to the permanent voter base of people who are forever thankful for their free government jobs, would they?


Thankfully, not a single one of the 31 sponsors is a Republican, but still this abomination of everything that is American has passed the Senate as well as the House. Bush has threatened a veto, but he has done that quite a lot and not followed through with an actual veto. Let’s hope this is one time his veto pen doesn’t remain capped and unused.

It’s all just one more example of cradle to the grave, socialist nonsense that is antithetical to American principles. The kind of welfare programs and unfunded mandates that Democrats love.

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