There are lots of good reasons to ride a bike in Berlin. Especially in this day and age, you know, as in today. But thank goodness the Berlin Senate accidentally thought ahead for once a few years back and decided that 15% of the city’s traffic should be comprised of bikes by the year 2010. No, not by just waiting for the gas prices to rise even higher (although that certainly helps), they actually had miles of new bike lanes built to extend an already extensive system. Of course they had no way of knowing that they would be needing even more bike lanes right here right now in July 2007, but still.

Anyway, railway strike or not, some city administrators claim that the number of Berlin bikers has risen 12% in the past ten years, reaching a grand total of 400,000 of you/us daily. There are currently 620 Km of bike paths available in the city. That’s, uh, a lot, I guess. But as long as railway workers keep demanding a 7 percent wage increase, and, get this, railway engineers want a 31 percent pay hike (no joke), there will be ample opportunity for a lot of you/us out there to explore these stretches in more detail. And see if all those 620 Km are really there, I mean.

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