Not that this came as any surprise whatsoever, the recent discovery of a dead Bigfoot is a complete hoax. Maybe what did surprise me was the speed at which the story unraveled.

Last Friday a well attended press conference was held in Palo Alto, it was even carried live on CNN, one attendee obviously trying to get into the festive mood actually wore a Bigfoot costume!

The story we were given was that two hikers Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer had discovered the body in Northern Georgia (state not the place being pounded by the ruskies). They had put it in a freezer to preserve the body and soon it would be revealed to the world, as an additional proof they had DNA samples and some rather grainy photographs.

The press conference was arraigned by Tom Biscardi the CEO of It transpires that Tom had paid an “undisclosed sum” to Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two Georgia, for their frozen corpse and their attendance at the press conference to thrill us with their breathtaking account of finding the body and of seeing several live Bigfoots in the same area.

Biscardi then sent his own Bigfoot specialist Steve Kulls back to Georgia to check the body out.

The story then completely falls apart, Bigfoot is frozen in a huge block of ice, upon partially thawing the object out Kulls is able to examine the foot, which turns out to be made of rubber!

Of course ridiculous as this whole circus has become it is still not clear in my mind who are the biggest con men. Biscardi may be whining about being duped, but surely that is his own fault for not checking the facts first. Also Biscardi did make hay while the sun shone with this event. His web site received a huge boost in traffic, and I suspect money.

Messer’s Whitton and Dyer seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and so I for one am left wondering just who masterminded this whole event? Biscardi is still my odds on favorite.

The entire tawdry tale can be found on Biscardi’s web site.

Simon Barrett

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