It turns out that one of the merry band of Bigfoot hunters involved with the big press conference last Friday where it was revealed that a dead Bigfoot body had been found in Northern Georgia is actually a member of the Clayton County Police. Of course we all know now that the discovery was a hoax involving a Halloween costume and some possum DNA.

Matt Whitton, who has since gone to earth following the story unraveling at the speed of light over the weekend is currently on a medical leave following being injured by gun fire some time ago.

Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner has been reported as saying that he has not yet spoken to Whitton but is preparing to fire him. I guess the cops don’t take likely having one of them participate not only in a hoax, but what is shaping up to a fraud.

It has been claimed that Matt Whitton and his accomplice Rick Dyer received an as yet unspecified amount of money from Tom Biscardi, the CEO of a Bigfoot oriented website, who now claims he has been duped! Of course common sense would dictate that if someone knocks on your door and says they have a frozen Bigfoot in their chest freezer you would want to check it out before inviting CNN to broadcast your press conference. But I guess common sense is not one of Mr Biscardi’s strong suit, or he was involved with the hoax from the beginning.

Simon Barrett

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