By Honey Gillard

It’s almost ‘Big Brother’ time again but what “hand grenades” does he have install for this year’s contestants? Well I can give you two – a game show like money conccept and 2 housemates ‘voted in’.

The series, which will begin tonigh at 7pm EAST, has promised to ditch the cash, cars and other rewards this time – surprising the public.

Though, it has recently been revealed that the reality TV show contestants will instead be competing for prizes during the series. It seems the shows prize-pool has done a 180 from the previous years idea of playing for a pre-determined cash pool.

An insider revealed yesterday,“During the run of the series there will be some prizes or prize money.”

“How these pan out [for contestants] during the series, Big Brother is not revealing at the moment.”

It is said that Australia will be introduced to 18 Big Brother contestants tonight but not all of which will get to enter the ‘Dreamworld’ house.

A number of contestants, predicted to be 10, will automatically go into the house tonight – but Australia will have 24 hours to vote two people in from the other group of housemates. We will be partially incontrol.

The two winning contestants of the vote will enter the house on Monday night.

“When you get to year seven you have to throw some hand grenades,” executive producer Tim Toni said on the changes to this year’s series.

Also, the show has apparently aimed to prevent such controversies as  last year’s ‘turkey slapping’ incident by this time choosing more “worldly” and older housemates.

A spokeman for the show said:“There is a wider age spread, every state and territory will be represented.”

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