By Honey Gillard 

As we prepare to glue our eyes into the lives of this years ‘Big Brother’ housemates we are informed of the controversial decision made by Big Brother to get rid of the hit Ten show’s prizes – including the winners 1 MILLION DOLLAR CASH PRIZE! 

The illusory abstraction of the million-dollar cash prize pool isn’t related to a budget cutback on the show, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reports. 

“We are launching series seven with no prize money for the winner,” ‘Big Brother’ executive producer Tim Toni stated yesterday. 

“It’s simply to keep ahead of the game with the housemates.” 

The contestants for the program are currently in lockdown on the Gold Coast now, and remain unaware of the shocking money withdrawal. 

As a further shock, it has been revealed that the cars that are usually given away on the housemates’ exit from the house have also been ditched. 

Wow are this years contestants in for a hell of a shock. They are sure to not only be in for the roller coaster of the Big Brother life but also to find that they are playing a rather prize less game. 

Looks like BB’s gonna have some fury heading his way too. 

The “Australian first” attitude is an attempt to bring fresh viewers to the tired and declining formula. 

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