Arizona’s most popular politician, Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio took center stage recently and proclaimed yet another step towards creation of an Orwellian society.

Sheriff Arpaio who’s jurisdiction encompasses the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Announced henceforth to protect and serve the good folk of his county he was implementing a total information awareness program. Which is defined by some as interactive surveillance of everybody.

Arizona like many states uses a digitalized drivers license and the good sheriff will be employing facial recognition software and biometric tagging. One wonders if the sheriff who made fact finding trips to England and doubtless saw first hand how effective total information awareness is for the British government desires to build a net work that rivals London’s network of camera feeds.

Some advocates of civil liberty did voice polite objection to the new program. But with the recent suspension of habeas corpus and legalisation of “alternative” interrogation methods it is doubtful the program will face any serious challenge in the courts beyond the perfunctory motions.

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