NY City has just passed a ban on the use of trans-fats in restaurants and food preparation in the city.

By July 2007, no trans-fats will be allowed in “normal” frying and shortening, and by July 2008 trans-fats must be gone from baking and deep-frying.

The junk science behind the trans-fat scare is at least as bad as that behind the global warming hype.

Here’s a page which describes a perfect example of the abuse of “scientific” studies to support a position that the study’s authors clearly had in advance of their results:

And another article:

And an interesting piece with links to some of the history of trans-fats in terms of why they’re so prevalent now. (Hint: The people who are fighting them now were largely responsible for their introduction on a large scale.)

As it is, McDonalds and KFC have already announced they were moving away from trans-fats just because they believed it was a good marketing position. And I’m sure it is, as the public is unaware of the junk science behind this (and many other) food and medicine scares. So, doing something that makes the food seem healthier is probably a good business decision.

But the key is that it is, and should be, their decision, not the decision of some know-nothing bureaucrats who think they know what’s best for us all.

Regardless of your view on trans-fats, the idea that a city council takes it upon itself to ban a non-toxic food ingredient, with no solid science behind them and no consideration of the potential risks to the tens of thousands of businesses (in just one city) they are affecting is truly appalling.

Just as we’re moving away from political correctness in conversation, we’re moving towards it in our menus.

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