Computer giant IBM is bringing a law suit against, claiming that, “Key aspects of Inc.’s retailing Web site are improperly built on technologies developed at IBM Corp.”, reports . On the list of charges are allegations that Amazon infringed on five IBM patents, including how the site recommends products, delivers advertising and stores data. Amazon has refused licensing offers from IBM, which have been offered over one dozen times since 2002. IBM is not disclosing the amount it seeks from Amazon, nor is IBM disclosing the amount other companies have paid for licensing.

The suit falls on the eve of Amazon’s third-quarter earnings release. Ronald Mann, a profosser at the University of Texas, said in an interview with, “if a company can prove that the same product was in use prior to the issuance of a U.S. patent, then the current patent is void. But in this case, when dealing with Internet retail, a business barely in its teens, it’s unlikely the patents were in use before was established. ”

It is still too soon to tell what effect, if any, this will have on financially.

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