With an estimated 30 Million people learning Chinese worldwide a bi-lingual learner’s magazine is a sure win idea….I just hope the Chinglish specialists at Xinhua and China Daily don’t get their hands on it. It is called: The World of Chinese and to-date it is China’s only bi-lingual magazine for learners. It will start publication on Sunday. And, true to form, Xinhua says, “the Chinese-Japanese and Chinese-Korean versions of the magazine [ is ]under planning….” Zhu Xiaojian, chief editor of the magazine, who apparently studied English under Donald Rumsfeld and is a professor with the Beijing Normal University, says “We hope the magazine will help the people, who are interested in China and want to learn Chinese, overcome the hardship of learning the so-called one of the most difficult language in the world. What’s more, we believe the magazine will set up a bridge for foreigners to get to Chinese culture and the people who speak the language. The magazine includes more than 30 columns, such as Popular New Words and Phrases, Enigmatic Chinese Characters, China Album and Life style, which are taken in charge of by prestigious Chinese teaching experts and foreigners who know Chinese well. In fact, besides overseas learners, foreigner in China and those Chinese who are interested in English are also are target readers,”” Uh, ya, what he said. In any event, I think it is a tremendous idea and will let you know in a future post where to get your paws on it. Here is the address for the Confucius Institutes’s online learning center. A great way to learn more about and develop increased appreciation for the world’s most difficult, but most beautiful written language. THE CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE….And its is FREE!

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