It started with the BJP’s shadow Prime Minister Mr. LK Advani writing to Manmohan Singh. It is now a full blown clamor for Neta to be left behind even if some of their names are being brought out literally from the woodworks.

So now you have Naveen Patnaik demanding a Bharat Ratna for Biju Patnaik lest we forget that Naveen belongs to the “not so young anymore” bablog. For sometime now he has been in real danger of being mistaken for a performer and self achiever.

And you also have Mayawati demanding a Bharat Ratna for Kanshi Ram lest we forget that the BSP supremo once had a mentor. With the way Mayawati has been running BSP the Bharat Ratna would go a long way in preserving Kanshi Ram’s token relevance to the BSP.

And then you have Bihari babus across the spectrum demanding a Bharat Ratna for Karpoori … who ? exactly it dont matter what he did for “Bharat” but it appears he did enough to “Biharis” across the board that Social Justice demands he be given one.

He is one never to be left behind even though the voters of Bihar and the wily politicians left him far behind from becoming King Maker. So the uncrowned King of Dalit politics Ram Vilas Paswan wants the highest civilian honor for Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. His reasons for the Mahatma, we are yet to hear but then he has ready reasons for not giving it to a politician.

Then you have the Samajwadi Party in Assam demanding Mulayam Singh Yadav be given the Bharat Ratna. Well here is an earthy demand for after all Yadav has held the flag high for Bharat’s Akharas brand of politics. That is about as Swadeshi as it can get.

We round up the clamor with the one Neta who always ends up left behind. They left him behind from becoming the United Front’s Prime Minister and now they have left him behind from becoming the UPA’s politically correct choice for the Bharat Ratna. So you have nonagenarian Jyoti Basu’s who’s anti-national past and irrelevance to the country at large, outside of Bengal, will definitely be honored by not awarding him the Bharat Ratna. A fitting tribute indeed.

Offstumped Bottomline:  Every elected government the world over is entitled to its share of crony politics as it prepares to demit office. The only awards with any honor left in them are the Gallantry and Bravery awards. The rest are merely entitlements under the guise of State awarded honors. Mr. Vajpayee’s statesmanship and place in history will remain undiminished irrespective of whether the Government of the day rose above partisanship to celebrate his contribution to the nation. This is an opportunity for the Congress to bridge the partisan divide. Can it rise up to the occassion ?

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