My friend Bharat Bhise HNA has one of the best jobs out of all the people that I know, he hacks into systems and databases for a living. Bharat has always been computer minded and ever since we were kids he has always been focused on this industry. As we left college Bharat got an offer from a company who wanted him to test out their cybersecurity, and the rest was history. Bharat has since spent his years working for many high profile companies and helping them to improve their cybersecurity and if this is a passion which you have, here is why ethical hacking may be for you.

It Is A Lot Of Fun

Careers don’t have to be boring, they can in fact be a whole heap of fun and that is how Bharat has often described the job to me. After all what better way of making money than to get paid by a company for hacking into their systems? Few people learn about hacking for any other reason than because they enjoy it and this makes a career in this industry all the more alluring.

Very Well Paid

The salaries which people like Bharat make are very good indeed and most ethical hackers start off on around $25,000 per year, and within a couple more years they can be making upwards of $70,000. The reason as to why it is so well paid is firstly because of the high quality service which is on offer, and secondly because hackers are able to make very good money if they use their powers nefariously, so there has to be an incentive to keep them fighting for the good guys.


The world of cybersecurity is constantly moving and ultimately it is cat and mouse fight between the security firms and the hackers, the illegal ones that is. This means that as an ethical hacker you will never become bored at what you do, there will always be a new challenge to overcome and new things to learn about. Many career choices will see you doing the same things day-in and day-out, in this world however you will be facing new challenges almost daily.

High Demand

You are never going to be out of a job as an ethical hacker as the demand is simply too high. Computers are always going to be around and companies are always going to need to protect their systems. Equally as long as these things are around, so too are hackers and the need for cybersecurity. Companies around the world understand just how skilled hackers are, and this is why they will always prefer to outsource their cybersecurity to ethical hackers rather than try to train people in-house.

A job which is forever, a job which is always changing, and which will pay you extremely well for doing something which you love, there are worse careers.

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