Ah yes. If you even tried to question the original spin of the Obama administration that the attack on the Benghazi mission was about an X rated porn film clumsily redubbed to seem as if was about the Prophet, you are an evil Republican trying to politicize national defense.

That spin managed to silence Romney, who pretty well had figured out it was a coverup of a CIA mission gone wrong, and who like most Republicans wouldn’t want to harm our soldiers/CIA.

Yet the coverup of the backstory (i.e. of a CIA operation) was pretty obvious, even to me, a grandmother with little military experience living in the rural Philippines. Why? Well, two reasons.

One: The Wired report that Sean Smith had warned his gaming friends that an attack was probably coming (which brings to question why all those reports coming out that no one got out of there or why the bodyguards weren’t armed).

And two: This snippet from Reuters, dated October 12, where if you read the whole thing, you will find a hard question of the White house spin.

Captain Fathi al-Obeidi, commander of a special operations force for the February 17 Brigade, told Reuters that he took a call about 1:30 a.m. from Tripoli telling him that a helicopter was on its way from the capital’s Mitiga airport with a rescue squad of eight U.S. troops – he described them as marines….

Here, two more things went wrong. First, Obeidi found four times as many Americans at the single-storey, fortified house as he had been told expect – 37, not just 10. (italics mine)…

Then, the villa came under massive attack.This time, there was little doubt in the minds of Libyans who experienced it that this was a well-organized assault by men who had mastered the complexities of military mortar fire.

“This attack was planned,” Obeid said. “The accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries.”

Why yes.

And anyone knowing this would know the entire thing was an attack with “inside information”. But it was election season, so the press didn’t go out of their way to ask what was going on there: Not just that the Ambassador lacked adequate protection, but why so many undercover types were in the area.

Ah, but was this done to help the safety of CIA agents, or to protect Obama’s hold on his anti war left wing? Not to mention that with the film Argo waiting in the wings, there was the possibility that the attack might allow Republicans remind the US of a previous weak US president who was too incompetent to save US Embassy workers in a foreign land.
Which brings up this snippet I ran across from ThisAin’tHell blog (via BlackfiveBlog):

I’ve said before that I know someone who is stationed at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany and was in the operation room when casualties from the attack on the consulate in Benghazi arrived there from Libya. This person told me that there were more than 30 casualties that day and the staff at the hospital was pretty busy.

They are in our prayers, but I find it instructive that there has been little mention of the non lethal casualties of that night in the press.Which brings us to another question: Has anyone in Congress asked those guys about the Obama administration cover up of covertly (and possibly illegally) shipping arms to the Syrian Rebels?

That should have been a major question during the campaign, since the left is anti war and doesn’t want the US involved in another Middle East debacle, and the right is critical of an administration that fails to notice that some of the “freedom fighters” in Syria have a larger agenda, (like maybe another Islamicist state?).

But anyone who dares raise a question is promptly called a partisan in numerous news stories (and since Susan Rice seems to have been involved in the coverup, a bigot).

The story hasn’t completely been ignored in the news: The NYTimes in October reported that the Jihadists in Syria were getting weapons via Qatar and Saudi, and both the left and the right wing blogs discovered that many of these weapons ended up in Jihadi hands, both in Libya and now in Syria, because of a US policy to help the rebels that lacked adequate ways to stop the guns from getting into the “wrong” hands.

A MaltaToday report on the scam (which mentions Fox News) was published at the end of October has the details on how a “charity” used a Maltese flagged ship to smuggle Libyan arms to the Syrian Rebels.

So what? Isn’t a victory against Assad a small victory against Iranian aggression? Maybe. But it isn’t as clear-cut as all of that:

FYI: Your tax dollars at work, from Fides:
Tartus (Agenzia Fides) – About 150 thousand Christians live in fear in more than 40 villages in the so-called “Valley of the Christians” in western Syria. The valley (“Wadi al Nasara”), a historical stronghold of the Syrian Christians, mostly Greek Orthodoxs, received in recent months thousands of refugees from Homs and other cities and provinces…

Another report here from a local bishop.

A major Turkish newspaper reports 500 000 refugees who are registered with UN organizations and tens of thousands who aren’t registered yet or who have decided not to register.

This article mentions that Russia is working with Turkey to try to make the transition more peaceful, so you know the end game is in sight.

Could a compromise have been attempted at an earlier date? Who knows.

But there is a big danger that the “end game” is here, and Strategy page is not optimistic bad guy was removed, but the even badder guys will take over.

 when the Assad government collapses there will be another civil war among the many rebel factions. There are already coalitions of factions. The most formidable of these are the Islamic radicals, like al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, and similar (but often antagonistic to each other) groups….

And, to complicate matters, the Kurds want autonomy, with connections to the Kurdish area in Iraq. This is a good sign for the US, (one of the few Muslim countries where America is loved is Iraqi Kurdistan), but will make Turkey (who has a huge Kurdish population) annoyed.

One can understand why the Obama administration is trying to keep a lot of these things under cover, for fear of politicization.

The Middle East has been a mess for at least 3500 years, even before Moses led the Jews back home, so maybe peace isn’t in the offing soon.

But one wonders if the coverup won’t just add to the distrust of an American media that will promote the government’s stories without question.

I find and trust the hard news on military related sites and in overseas newspapers, but I suspect the average American will only hear about stories that the administration wants to keep secret from either fringe political blogs or from conspiracy theorists discussing the coverups.

And that is not good for democracy.


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