According to a recent report many people that work as asbestos removal specialists may actually be uncertified, and may not have the proper certification required, using instead fake documentation in order to get work as the asbestos removal industry.

The warning comes from an official from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. He said that Georgia law requires anyone working in asbestos removal to undergo specialist training and achieve the necessary certification, but some people in the industry are using fake documentation to get work.

He added that in a recent study carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency at a site in Florida showed that while a third of workers had proper certification, another third were using fake documentation, and the final third were using the documents of workers that had passed away.

Asbestos is a potentially deadly substance that can cause a range of serious and deadly health problems through exposure. This is why there are strict regulation in place with regards to the removal of the substance, and why those involved in removal must have specialist training and knowledge.

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