This caution notice is released in public interest and  for public education has come to know of an activity in Gorakhpur where a BPO is offering a franchise for “Creating User Names and IDs for selected Website”.  The list of such user IDs and Passwords are required to be put into an excel sheet and mailed to the scheme owner. It is reported that the BPO is even charging a fee of Rs 1 lakh for franchise for such a scheme and offering a payment of Rs 14000 per month per seat and suggesting the franchisees to pay Rs 4000 per employee and retain the balance of Rs 1 lakh per month as their profit.

Any franchisee or an employee of such a franchisee should realize that this is an apparent fraudulent activity and any person who is assisting in committing the fraud will be guilty of the offence. The victim in this case is the concerned website and the users are violating the terms and conditions of the site. The offence can be recognized under Section 66C and 66D of the ITA 2008 along with sections 84B and 84 C. The franchisor himself will be similarly liabile along with its executives under Sec 85.

People are warned that they may be part of a global fraudulent activity for which they may be imprisoned for not less than 3 years and fined.

We have come across a similar scam with 100% monthly return or 500% monthly return for a web activity and collection of membership fee by a few persons in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi etc. and pursuing with the authorities for action.

Kindly keep me informed if you have any more information on this fraud. to

Naavi of

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