I have been online chatting with people from all over the world for close to 10 years now. I have heard it all from a lot of the guys. Some try the line that they are right on the edge of becoming rich if only they could get this one last break. Some will try telling you if only they had x amount of dollars, they know they could make this plan work and become rich and famous. I learned to laugh them off and just ignore the requests to invest in their projects.

Basically they hand out a line of good old fashion BS. The sad part though is that they sometimes prey on widows/widowers or divorced women/men that are lonely thinking if they gave him the money they would be starting a new relationship with the man/woman.

A former Souderton, Pennsylvania man posed as a music mogul on an Internet dating site and ended up conning 13 people, mostly women across the country for over $100,000.  He convinced these women that he was a Grammy Award-nominated music producer. He told them he was starting a company to manufacture DVD’s and CD’s and needed investors. The amazing part is that the man was actually homeless who used a laptop computer to get to his alleged victims and use their money to support a gambling habit.

Krueger was arrested May 20 in New Jersey, charged as a fugitive, and is in the Atlantic County Prison awaiting an extradition hearing. He was caught at one of the casinos in Atlantic City where he was nursing a soda at a restaurant during his most recent day of gambling. “I shouldn’t have stayed to finish this soda,” Ferman quoted Krueger as saying as he was taken into custody. He was charged with multiple counts of theft, theft by deception, deceptive or fraudulent business practices, Pennsylvania Securities Act violations and related crimes.

An investigation began in October, 2007 when a woman who invested $10,000 complained to authorities when Krueger had stopped returning her phone calls to her.

Personally I can’t imagine ever falling for people like this but I do feel for the vulnerable men and women out there that do. They end up losing the money that most of them worked hard to earn only to be conned by such a scheme.

Jan Barrett

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