Beware Drug Company Abuses

One of the rare disagreements that I have had with our marvelous primary doctor has been over the hazards of Lipitor which is given hard sells on TV and even in medical journal articles sponsored by its producing drug company. The stuff can greatly harm a few people, but apparently also causes deep fatigue in a far wider range of elders.

The article below reports the quandary at the Harvard Medical School over the conflict of interest between teaching there and individuals paid variously by drug companies about whose drugs they are teaching. The New England Journal of Medicine recently announced that it would no longer publish articles sponsored by drug companies. They had just previously published one sponsored by the producers of Lipitor and advised by six employees of the company, Pfizer, which also produces Viagra, its other big money maker.

Hopefully regulation of such drug companies will begin to occur with the new Obama Health Department team. Needless to say under-regulation of health is but one of the many hazards that has been besetting us is so many areas.

Ed Kent


Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary
More than 200 Harvard Medical School students and
sympathetic faculty are intent on exposing and curtailing
the industry influence in their classrooms and laboratories.


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