It is easy to rush to judgement, so I think it is important to take things in baby steps. That way fewer mistakes can be made.

I could start this series off years ago, but instead I want to begin three weeks ago with a law suit that was filed. It is Beth Chapman v Lionel Biggers. In it Beth makes some claims that Lionel aka lenny has said some unkind things about her, I think the technical term is ‘slander’. From a legal perspective slander sets a very high standard for proof. In some ways ‘Slander’ twists the normal legal arguments upside down, back to front, and eight ways to Sunday.

Slander becomes even harder to make stick if you are a ‘quote’ public figure. I think it is reasonable to view Beth and Dog Chapman as public figures. I also think it is fair to say that there are few in the bail bond industry that thank them for their portrayal of bounty hunters. Yes, Bounty Hunters are a bit of a rough and ready bunch, or at least a few of them are. But they are all (the ones that I know) honorable men and women.

I invite my readers to read the complaint

There is way more to this story, but I think this is a good starting point.

Simon Barrett

Update: Yet more is told.

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