The face of asbestos campaigning in Australia , Bernie Banton, has lost his fight against the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma, and died earlier this week. Mr Banton had been the face of asbestos campaigning for some time, but last August discovered that he had actually contracted the asbestos related cancer himself.

Bernie, who was aged sixty one when he died, had been hoping to travel to Melbourne earlier this week in order to attend a service to commemorate the many lives that have already been lose to this deadly cancer, but instead ended up joining the many that had died from this disease.

Mr Banton was known for his continuous support to those with asbestos related cancer, and was known for his campaigning for compensation for these victims. He was pivotal in the setting up of a four billion dollar compensation fund for those with asbestos related diseases.

One government official talked about Mr Banton after news broke out about his death, stating: “He was a very happy and gregarious sort of person with a great sense of humour but he was also quite angry about what had happened to him. But more important than that, he was angry on behalf of all others and he wanted to ensure that justice was done.”

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