The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has recently opened a new stand alone asbestos diseases and research institute that has been dedicated to the late campaigner Bernie Banton who became the face of asbestos campaigning in Australia over recent years.

The stand alone centre is said to be the largest in the world, and is located in the West of Sydney, and the aim of the centre is to conduct research into asbestos related diseases and try to find ways to improve prevention, awareness, diagnosis, and treatment when it comes to asbestos related diseases.

Furthermore the Prime Minister has said that five million dollars will be donated by the government to the Bernie Banton Centre, which is at the Sydney Concorde Hospital. Bernie Banton died from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma in 2007.

In the meantime Mr Rudd has said that the number of cases of mesothelioma in Australia are set to rise, stating: “Next year, around 750 Australians will be diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.” He said that by 2020 there would be around thirteen thousand cases of this cancer, adding: “These were just honest Australians, these were just innocent Australians, these were just working Australians supporting their families, supporting themselves, doing no harm to anyone, but a great harm was done to them.”

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