New-age Capitalism converted financial markets to casinos.

Rather casinos have better orders than present financial markets.

Bernanke often repeats that objectives of the Federal Reserves now are to bring financial markets to function in an orderly manner.

One can’t be blamed if one sees that as a bold attempt when markets work worse than casinos. Financial markets are now probably more disorderly than casinos. A casino owner need not often come out and soothe sentiments. The rules are quite stable there.

There are no rules in present financial markets, forget about these markets being ‘free’ anymore. Bernanke or Paulson or the Congress can make or break the luck of investors/speculators in the world’s largest financial markets. New rules and new forms of bail-outs are declared on an ad-hoc basis as new crises emerge, one after another. They create trillions of dollars with their words; they destroy billions of dollars with their actions. No casino owner can ever do that.

Take a look at share-prices of giants like Freddia Mac or Fannie Mae over last few days.  Those buy finasteride 5mg canada were not small-cap ‘bullet’ stocks in some emerging 3rd world nations.

We are talking about the most advanced financial market at the world’s largest economic power. And they increasingly resemble like jackpots. Could you hit it? Or did you miss it?

It’s nothing new. It happened with Bear Stearns, it’s happening with Lehman. Even Citi is supposedly down by 70% in one year. Its 52-week high was $52.97, now it quotes at $16.19.

Bernanke & Paulson should learn through a pilot in the casinos of Las Vegas to fine-tune their policies.  They have better chances of success there compared to bringing discipline amongst financial entities in Wall Street. And then apply the learning from the casinos for the bigger financial markets.

The world admires the optimism of Bernanke – ‘bringing order in financial markets’. No wonder that he would succeed by destroying all past orderly rules of free-market economies.

These people need a break. How would the Wall Street be had Bernanke & Paulson remained incommunicable for a month?

They deserve a real vacation. In Las Vegas…

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