If you don’t know the Knut story yet, I’m sure the hell not going to tell you. The only animal Germans might possibly be more interested in right now would be Godzilla, but only after a prolonged attack. Most Berliners weren’t much interested in the mega-historic and thoroughly important EU 50th Anniversary and Berlin Declaration signing here over the weekend, for instance, preferring to go to the zoo or watch one or two or three of the Knut specials on TV instead. I think they’ve even got a Knut Kam up and running by now. Why not? They’ve got a Knut everything else.

This Knutmania stuff has gotten completely out of hand, in other words. I even had my first Knut knightmare last night. He cuddled me into a coma and then slowly ripped me apart limb from limb. But he was sooo cute while doing it. And it took him forever, too. Being so small like that and all.

I tell you, this friggin’ little man-eating bear is so cute I could puke.

And that is why I have decided to compose the following little poem (a futile attempt at exorcism):

K stands for kuschelig (kuddly and kute)
N stands for niedlich (charming), the brute
U stands for urig (quaint) and unsurpassed
T stands for thankful, that Knut will grow up fast.

Wow, I feel much better already. That was really getting to be unbearable. Oops, I mean intolerable.

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