According to a study published by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Berlin is not only just poor, it is so poor that… It is losing the competitive edge it never even had to begin with. Now that’s poor.

When it comes to trifles like employment, income and security in Germany, the trophy gets handed over to Hamburg again. Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg are the places to be if you want to feel secure more than anything else. Thuringia (one of the “new German states”) has made great progress here, too. And if you take a closer look at the mystical East, the study divides these new and semi-new states pretty clearly into winners and losers with Thuringia, Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt taking the Kuchen (cake) while the northeastern states like Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and, ahhmm, Berlin are still punching it out in the cellar.

But as usual, nobody in Berlin really cares about any of this nonsensical statistical foolishness. Nor should they, unless they hold political office (and even they don’t seem to care all that much). Berliners have more important things to worry about. Like the latest twist in the Valkyrie plot. Or is Komplott (conspiracy) the better word here?

Although not a part of this particular Bertelsmann study or anything, Berlin is also by far the most dangerous place in Germany when it comes to filming Tom Cruise movies, of course. Some extras fell off a truck the other day and now everybody is suspecting Scientologist sabotage. No, wait. They’re financing the movie. Man oh man, this is getting more mysterious by the minute.

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