Man, is Berlin poor. Poor? Let me tell you just how poor Berlin is.

Berliners are so poor that the cops here have to beg for uniforms.

Berlin is so poor that one of its main sources of income is a polar bear. But the worse part is that even the Berliners are losing interest and apparently can’t afford those expensive zoo tickets anymore.

Poor? They are so poor here that they have to sell one of their state-owned banks just to raise a little pocket change.

I’m talking poor here, people. The Berliners are so dirt poor right now that they are even willing to let a certified wacko like Tom Cruise buy property here. You know, Geld stinkt nicht (money doesn’t stink) and all that? There goes the neighborhood.

Damn. Money may not stink, but it sure stinks when you don’t have any anymore.

Wir sind arm dran aber gut drauf.

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