The UN has estimated that 45 cities will grow by a million or more people during the next decade and 44 of them will be in developing countries (10 in India alone). And as Europe’s population “stabilizes”, only four of its cities will be among the 100 biggest by the year 2015: Paris, London, Madrid and Barcelona. Not even Rome and Berlin will make the cut.

By 2015 the world will have 22 cities with more than 10 million residents. Of these, 18 will be in developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. And although Tokyo has long been the world’s mega-city champion with 20 million people (a city with a population the size of Australia’s) it will buying finasteride online is safe soon be joined by Mumbai, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. Way to go, industrialized world (or whatever world they call it these days). Like, how lame is that?

Earth to Berlin! Earth to Berlin! Can you read me? Come on, people. I always knew that the Berliners were sticklers for stability, but this is starting to get out of hand. Do yourselves a favor and destabilize a little over the holiday season, preferably with a nice bottle of wine and a little candlelight, and get your city back into the rat race where it belongs. I think. Or at least tu so als ob (pretend to try).

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