Or at least save the Berlin one, I should say. The little bit of it that is still left. It’s been seventeen long years since everybody woke up one morning and realized that the Berlin Wall wasn’t really there anymore. And a short time later, after an exuberant period of self-discovery and hands-on group effort, the ugly thing really did disappear. Most of it did, at least.


That’s when forward-thinking artists (and there aren’t many) at the East Side Gallery stepped in to preserve a short stretch of the structure by covering it with a special preservative material they call graffiti. But not even the best graffiti can hold monuments to communism and/or cleverly marketed tourist attractions together forever, it seems. The East Side Gallery is falling apart, in other words.

Not only are aging, rain, ice and street Dreck (filth as in car exhaust) fading away this old Cold War soldier that never dies, dumb ass tourists (yeah, the ones like YOU) continue to disrespectfully scribble their names on it (graffiti on the graffiti, hello?) and chip away for souvenirs. Where would the pyramids be today if the Egyptians would have allowed that kind of thing, huh punk?

City officials don’t have enough money to pay for the wall’s complete restoration (the graffiti art would actually have to be stripped off and reapplied again, think Italian art treasure restoration) and it’s bordering on a miracle that they have any money at all for this. Work scheduled to begin in September is now likely to be postponed.

But that’s they way it is with historic monuments, I guess. After a time they get so, well, historic. And I’m sure that the communists got totally stingy with the building materials, too, the historic cheapskates.

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