There is a man Morgan Jones, his real name is Dylan Davies. He has a story, but no-one listens. There is a book, but no-one can read it Simon & Schuster pulled the book 4 days after publishing it. The reason being, CBC had egg on their face over an unfortunate 60 minutes segment that involved Morgan Jones. CBS reporter Lara Logan was sent into exile, probably hard labor in Siberia.

CBS had been working on the 15 minute segment for a year. Very few people had laid eyes on the manuscript. I knew the project existed as I am friends with the author that actually wrote the book based on Dylan Davies account. The research had been extensive, every fact that could be checked had been checked.

I got a look at the book on the morning of the day that the segment aired. I sat down and did some serious reading. There were a number of things that disturbed me. The lead up to the attack and the lack of physical security at the compound was mind blowing.

Dylan Davies was a PMC (Private Military Contractor). He wasn’t a Marine, in fact he wasn’t even American, he was a Brit. His mission was to provide physical security to the compound using local labor. His guards were not permitted to carry arms, the CCTV system, mostly didn’t work and their was little external protection foe people inside the compound. Repeated requests to fix these issues had largely gone ignored by the State Department even though the area was a powder keg.

I wondered just how damaging the 60 mins report would be. I watched incredulously as Lara Logan treated the US public to a blood fest. She avoided the real story, preferring to talk about two pages of the book. Possibly the two pages that did not matter. It was also the two pages that could not be fact checked.

To the best of my knowledge Dylan Davies has not been called to testify in any of the hearings, this is understandable. Who wants the truth to get in the way of a witch hunt for Hillary Clinton. This in my opinion is short sighted. Dylan could provide much information about the lead up to the attack and the disinterest of the State Department in taking action. I suspect the reticence to grill Davies is that it would cause many in high places to have a queasy tummy.

I keep going back to that damn book and the way things unfolded. Also the players involved. CBS had been working this story for a year, oh and they own Simon and Schuster. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. But here it is, CBS is in the ratings game, the juiciest bit of the story was the blood and gore. Dylan did what many might do, he exaggerated his participation during the actual attack. But I believe he told the absolute truth about the lead up to it. Lara Logan and her team went for shock appeal and not facts.

The segment caused a ruckus, in Washington, they leaned on CBS who in turn leaned on S&S.

The segment aired on Sunday, on Monday I got an email saying that the shit was about to hit the fan. Tuesday Morgan Jones was unmasked, which effectively killed his career. Who did that?

By Friday S&S had recalled the book and destroyed 50,000 printed hardback copies.

This is all food for thought.

Simon Barrett

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