The New York Times report published over the weekend concerning the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has done little to clarify the truth. In many ways it has brought the subject full circle. It tends to mirror that the White House put out in the days after the attack, it was spontaneous event caused by a rather stupid video published on Youtube.

You can read the NYT report here.

What I find interesting is that the NYT has very much gone down the same path travelled by Lara Logan and the 60 minutes crew. The focus is on the attack, rather than the real issues. Those issues include major questions about the security of the consulate and how that less than a mile away there was a large CIA compound, what were they doing? We hear much about the invasive methods of the NSA, where were they in this debacle.

I am possibly one of very few people that have read the book The Embassy House, publisher Simon & Schuster yanked it days after the 60 Mins program. Rumor has it that 35,000 copies were destroyed. Of course one has to realize that S&S are owned by CBS, so it would appear that this was an internal move to pacify CBS.

You might enjoy these two articles. This is my review of The Embassy House, and this one about the aftermath following the 60 mins broadcast.

One thing is clear Benghazi is a taboo subject. No one really wants to talk about it. The Dems don’t want to touch it because of the backlash it might cause in 2016 should a certain person run for president. The GOP on the other hand are too darn busy squabbling within their own ranks to care less.

The questions surrounding Benghazi keep mounting. But will we ever know the truth? In my mind that will not happen for a very long time.

Simon Barrett

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