Once again the specter of Benghazi has risen from the ashes. This is a story that just refuses to die. From the outset it was a big problem. The thousands of dead American service men and women that had lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan paled into insignificance. The four people that died in Benghazi took center stage.

This single event has created a polarization in Washington that is only eclipsed by Obamacare. Benghazi is a huge political football, but it is a game that has no winners. The left wants the story buried, 2016 is just around the corner and Benghazi is a huge problem should Hillary Clinton decide to run. Certain elements of the right want to hammer the subject, but it is fair to say that cooler heads really have little interest in stirring the pot. There is a good chance that the whole issue could blow up in their faces.

The announcement of yet another probe into the unfortunate event come in the light of some recently released emails by the White House. The rabid republican dogs can’t wait to get started, on the other hand the Dems do not seem to be joining in with much enthusiasm. Fearing that they will have no voice there is a threat of non participation.

I find it curious, every single time that the Benghazi beast rears its ugly head the focal point is always those Sunday show ‘talking points’. That is not and never will be the subject of interest. Who gives a damn about them? The real story is in the background to the events that is the key.

Why was security so lax? I would recommend a book, alas Lara Logan and CBS killed the book by focusing on one insignificant point on 60 Minutes. It is better to take a step back and ask some salient questions. Why had a local militia been tasked with armed security? Why had a British security firm been banned from access to weapons? Why did the CIA have such a large presence in ‘the annex’? Why were there no warnings, lets face it the NSA know what Angela Merkel is having for dinner, so how come they didn’t know what was happening in Benghazi?

Obviously the GOP want to derail a 2016 run by Hillary Clinton, and quite frankly I am not upset. The Dems want to derail Chris Christie, and bridgegate probably has done that.

The bigger question is what the hell is wrong in Washington? We voted these people into office and the perks seem good, healthcare, pensions, large paycheck, and a good size expense account. Surely they should try and earn their money? After all, it is our money they are spending.

Nothing would give me pleasure than finding out what happened in Benghazi, but I do wish that our elected officials actually spent some time moving the country forward. Instead it is simpler to let it stagnate.

Why are we so polarized?

Simon Barrett

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