The major crisis facing the human race, its very survival, is not global warming, environmental degradation or a host of other threats to human welfare. It is our failure to restrain our population growth to manageable limits which will not exhaust the basic resources and surrounding environmental protections that will permit our future survival.

Many of us were distressed when the People’s Republic of China imposed a one child limit on families under the threat of economic sanctions. Some suspected that forced abortions were also used to restrict births and the ratio of boy to girl babies led to the further suspicion that families were choosing the more economically favored gender of the one child that they would have.

Similarly the program in India of paying men to have vasectomies which particularly targeted desperately poor families was held to be a somewhat improper national policy. Again with the availability of abortions one noted the preponderance of boy babies being born — with similar economic benefits in a culture that expected sons to support elderly parents.

The bottom line here is that any and all agencies that have opposed population control both by the use of contraceptives and abortion — particularly in poor countries overburdened already with the effort to feed their populations — have been sabotaging future generations of humans — even threatening our very survival — both of individuals and whole societies thrown into brutal conflict to control the remaining diminished resources. We escaped the dire threat of a nuclear holocaust all too recently. But now we must face the possibility of the future uses of WMDs by pols determined to control their economic turf by any means necessary. We are already seeing such figures emerging here and there in Africa and the Middle East.

The point to which I have been leading here with the arrival today of a pope to be greeted by the U.S. President with great ceremonial display is that Benedict XVI is in fact an enemy of the human race. His church has fought the use of contraceptives and other means to limit human population. The Roman Catholic Church has in fact literally disrupted world conferences focused on population control, has lobbied against contraception, and has sought to criminalize abortion wherever it can:

In countries such as Nicaragua women are literally dying because even medically necessary abortions are outlawed there. In the U.S. we stand only one crucial Supreme Court justice away from outlawing abortion once again, leading to yet more horrible deaths particularly of desperate poor women who seek out kitchen table abortionists to restrict births of children they cannot adequately feed and care for under current American economic conditions. No, not all children can be readily adopted despite the suggestion that adoption is an escape hatch — particularly in the all too many nations where children are now dying of malnutrition.

Let us face the fact that we have been expelled from an Eden that could once provide for all our human needs and are mow racing towards a hell which may effect our extinction as a species.

Our media today are filled with horror stories about food riots and the threats of conflicts over oil. No, I will not be among those celebrating Benedict’s visit to the U.S. I see him representing the worst threat facing humanity today — a well meaning anti-Christ?

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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